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Management Bios

Louis S. Harvey
President & CEO

Founder and leader of Dalbar, Lou Harvey is relentless in the search for the forces that are shaping the world of financial services today, tomorrow and for years hence. Using Dalbar’s research capabilities, Lou Harvey seeks insights from inside and outside the industry to understand and anticipate changes in customers’ needs and the ways products are distributed.

Under his leadership, Dalbar is now recognized and respected in the financial services community for its credibility, independence and its contributions in raising the level of excellence in the industry. Fiercely committed to delivering value to customers, Lou Harvey has proved through Dalbar that the business principle of putting the customer first does work.

In the spring of 2010 Lou Harvey was named President of
the Fiduciary Standards Board, an organization dedicated to maintaining fiduciary standards and communicating the inherent value of fiduciary relationships to the public at large.

Lou Harvey has held governance positions at a number of institutions including the National Association of Securities Dealers, Federal Reserve Bank, Bentley College and Plymouth Plantation.

Lou Harvey was born in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala in 1942. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of the West Indies.

Kathleen Whalen 
Managing Director, Client Relations & Public Relations/Corporate Communication

Kathleen Whalen is a Principal and Managing Director at Dalbar. Kathleen has fifteen years experience in business development and management, including design, sales, implementation, client services and management.

As Managing Director, Kathleen is responsible for the continued growth of the business as well as identifying new business opportunities through industry research and development.

Kathleen began her career at Dalbar in 1990 as a Research Analyst, became a Program Director in 1996 and Principal and Managing Director in 1999.

Csilla von Csiky 
Managing Director & COO

Csilla von Csiky is a Principal and Managing Director at Dalbar in charge of Operations and Client Service Support. Csilla’s primary focus is overseeing all of Dalbar’s operations, including program development, implementation of syndicated and private research projects as well as directing custom engagements and new ventures.

Csilla joined Dalbar in 1996 and has held a number of different positions throughout her tenure, including head of Dalbar’s Business Technology Division, overseeing Dalbar’s corporate Finance Department and engaging in project and account management.

Prior to joining Dalbar, Csilla was Editor in Chief of “The Yacht Charter Guide”, an international travel publication. A native of Vienna/Austria, she earned a degree in Econometrics from the Sorbonne University in Paris and also holds a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Before relocating to the U.S. she worked in Mexico City as International Investment Associate at the Deutsch Südamerikanische Bank, a subsidiary of Dresdner Bank, Germany, as well as freelance correspondent for “Austria Business & Economy” in Paris, France.




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