Customized Statement Evaluation

This is a comprehensive analysis and report that provides valuable insight on statement design and content. With your firm's specific objectives as its underlying theme, the evaluation is based on industry best practices, investor needs and preferences, regulatory requirements and technological innovations.


  • Initial consultation with analyst to review goals and objectives
  • Comprehensive statement analysis based on DALBAR's proprietary Trends & Best Practices scoring process
  • Statement’s overall score and DALBAR designation
  • Industry benchmarks to provide a framework for statement’s score
  • 20(+/-) page report summarizing statement strengths and weaknesses and identifying specific recommendations for improvement
  • Gap Analysis detailing reasons for lost points on more than 30 individual criteria
  • Images of features from competitor and best-in-class statements
  • Rights to use DALBAR's Communications Seal for one year (if earned)
  • Final consultation with analyst to gain further insight into findings


A discussion with a DALBAR representative is required to in order to determine your firm's needs and to provide a proposal with a price quote.

Trends & Best Practices in Investor Statements

DALBAR's Trends and Best Practices in Investor Statements is publication that recognizes the top financial statements. Results offer a series of detailed reports that identify and rank top-performing statements by channel, summarize current best practices in statement content and design and reveal emerging industry trends.

Achieve growth and success through innovation

  • Determine if the statement meets client needs and expectations
  • Reduce expenses such as statement-related spikes in call center activities
  • Identify features that your firm may want to consider incorporating into your statement
  • Make the case internally to redesign or update the statement
  • Promote your success when applicable
  • Gain access to examples of best-in-class statements

Evaluations are performed for:

  •   Brokerage
  •   Mutual Funds
  •   Variable Annuities
  •   Retirement Plans

Gap Analysis of your Investor Statement

The investor statement is the firm’s most powerful communications tool and can and should be leveraged to maximizing the return on resources used for its production and underscore the firm’s commitment to a superior standard of care.

DALBAR's  Gap Analysis of your Investor Statement will uncover ways in which your statement can be improved to achieve a variety of purposes, including:

  • Increased loyalty among clients, thereby positively impacting retention and minimizing attrition.
  • Reinforcement of the firm’s brand, products and capabilities
  • Influence over investor behavior in a manner that is mutually beneficial
  • Strengthened relationships with financial professionals, whose client base is stable and satisfied with the firm.
  • Increased assets under management through cross sale opportunities and expanded client relationships


This gap analysis guides firms in producing an investor statement that is best-in-class, ultimately helping to:

  • Determine if the statement meets client needs and expectations.
  • Identify features that your firm may want to consider incorporating
  • Make the case internally to redesign or update the statement
  • Promote your success if applicable


A very detailed, comprehensive report that includes:

  • Results Overview: An overview of the statement’s performance in DALBAR's Trends and Best Practices evaluation.
  • Gap Analysis: An explanation of where and why the statement lost points, which includes:
    • Priority Improvements: A key to help project managers identify improvements that are critical, important or for consideration.
    • Best Practices: When available, DALBAR offers industry-leading examples for improvements deemed critical and important.
  • Evaluation Methodology: A description of DALBAR's approach to evaluating print communications.
  • Evaluation Criteria: An in-depth look at DALBAR's evaluation criteria.
  • Seal Announcement: Announcement of whether the statement earns the DALBAR Communications Seal. If earned, your firm has the option of purchasing the Rights to Use DALBAR's Communications Seal. 
  • A half-hour consultation with DALBAR communication experts


The cost of a Gap Analysis of your firm’s statement is $3,950.  If earned, your firm has the option of purchasing the Rights to Use DALBAR's Communications Seal for $1,800.

Please click here to order the Gap Analysis of your Investor Statement.

e-Delivery Benchmarks Study

Over the past decade, financial services firms have forged ahead with their continuing efforts to save billions of dollars by reducing the printing and mailing costs of investor communications.

The exponential explosion of laptops, smart phones, tablets and social media channels has influenced the habits of the American consumer and changed the landscape of e-Delivery adoption for the better. Financial Services firms are now experiencing e-Delivery adoption levels that were unheard of at the dawn of the e-Delivery era.

The goal is to continue to maximize savings through electronic delivery of investor communications by increasing the number of clients adopt for e-Delivery. This is also to say, increase the number of clients who adopt e-Delivery. While it is easy to identify the goal, it is quite another to accomplish it and it has often been an exercise in patience and persistence.

The DALBAR e-Delivery Benchmarks Study

DALBAR has been conducting and tracking progress in e-Delivery adoption rates and trends since 2009. DALBAR identified the current state of e-Delivery in Financial Services and reported on:

  • Annual Savings per client for each type of document.
  • Best Practices used to achieve higher adoption rates.
  • Recommendations based on the principles of behavior-centric communication strategies for overcoming client objections.
  • Social media and how it is being used to influence adoption.
  • Adoption Rates for the most common communications sent to investors
  • e-Delivery Methods used most frequently
  • Formats used
  • Length of time documents are archived


The cost for DALBAR's e-Delivery Benchmarks Study is $4,950.

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Advisory Board for Client Reporting

This forum brings together leaders responsible for client reporting to collaborate to find innovative solutions to common challenges, learn about the latest trends and gain efficiencies.

The Advisory Board for Client Reporting meets three times per year and combines DALBAR's industry expertise with a peer discussion forum on issues that are of greatest importance to members. The meeting agenda typically includes:

  • Updates on the latest DALBAR research
  • Exchange of peer experiences and insights
  • Special guest speakers


  • Access to DALBAR's most recent research and the ability to implement changes to strategies based on the latest findings.
  • Learn when current communications become obsolete.
  • Discuss the latest regulatory changes and share interpretations with other member firms.
  • Identify successful cost saving strategies.
  • Implement best practices to improve the effectiveness of client reporting.
  • Stay at the forefront of competitor practices by learning of future plans.
  • Gain real time feedback on vendors and new software or technology based on hands on experience of other firms.
  • Enjoy a preferential rate for DALBAR's nationally recognized Trends & Best Practices in Investor Statements Report.

Upcoming Meetings

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$8,500 annually

For more information about DALBAR's Customized Research & Communication Products, please contact Brooke Halloran at 617.624.7273.