This special 1st Quarter Report of QAIB looks at the tumultuous end to 2018 and the “recovery” of the Average Investor in the first quarter of 2019. You will get investor’s attention with the seller’s loss during this time, compared to holders during the very same period.

  • *A seller lost $xxx, a holder gained $yyy
  • on a $100,000 equity investment.

Learn what $xxx and $yyy are and gain insights on how to take advantage of recent events to turn untimely sellers into prudent holders…in the First Quarter 2019 QAIB.

Sellers vs. Holders covers the period ending 2/28/19. Purchasers of the report will receive a follow-up report covering March 2019, delivered in May.


For more information about DALBAR's QAIB, please contact Cory Clark at 617.624.7156.