With 24 hour news, market analyses, and predictions of doom, financial advisors have a tough job "un-panicking" investors. That is why DALBAR created the The Un-panicking Investors Kit.

DALBAR has been studying investor returns for the past 25 years, bringing to light the negative investor behaviors brought on by emotions. We live in a world where information is at our fingertips and sometimes, the bombardment of too much information can lead to erratic behavior and panic.

DALBAR’s Un-panicking Investors Kit contains the following items to help advisors mitigate the panic of their investor clients:

  • The press release: “Who is Right” - Summarizes the strategy behind Un-panicking Investors
  • The consumer piece: “Un-panicking Investors” - A paper that shares 3 action steps that will limit any losses while leaving the investment portfolio intact.
  • The statistics: “Learning from History” - A paper that provides historical perspective regarding market declines. Sharing the statistics with investors can help to put the panic in check.
  • The details: “Index Puts - A Consumer’s Guide to Portfolio Protection” - Simple explanation for the average investor of what an index put is and how it works.
  • The tool: “Index Put Calc” - A tool used to illustrate the final portfolio value under various market conditions using the index put hedging strategy.

For more information about DALBAR's QAIB, please contact Cory Clark at 617.624.7156.