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    DALBAR, Inc. is the financial community’s leading independent expert for evaluating, auditing
    and rating business practices, customer performance, product quality and service.
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    2022 QAIB Report Now Available!
    The 28th Annual QAIB Report reveals historical underperformance.
    The results show investors experienced a devastating investor performance gap.
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    e-Delivery Onboarding Study
    The e-Delivery Onboarding Study looks at the digital experience of consenting to paperless delivery and includes
    data that will assist in identifying where a firm stands with respect to the digital e-Delivery experience.
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    Customer Experience Audit
    Deliver a Superior Standard of Care in the “Age of the Customer” through DALBAR’s CXA program.

Improve Client Service

Committed to raising the standards of excellence, our Customer Experience Audit(CXA) helps firms meet goals with superior industry knowledge:

  • web

  • mobile

  • contact center

  • communications

  • and more.

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Exercise Due Diligence

Protect yourself and your firm from possible litigation and receive guidance from a leading independent expert

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Get Recognized

DALBAR awards are recognized as marks of a superior standard of care in the financial community

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A Superior Standard of Care

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News & Stories

A 5-Year Cushion against Market Risk

Louis S. Harvey, the founder of Dalbar, a kind of J.D. Power for the financial services industry, analyzed stock market history and found that since 1940 US equities have always recovered, even in real terms, within five years of any crash.

He uses that finding-which might surprise a few people-as the basis for a portfolio asset allocation strategy that he's now sharing with the world.

Retirement Income Journal | 1/20/22


Retirement Plan Enrollment Improves, but Support is Lacking

Like we didn't already have enough hurdles with retirement, a review of plan enrollment experiences found that while participation was up overall, support and guidance during the online process was severely lacking.

Boston-based research firm DALBAR looked at traditional and ''quick'' retirement plan enrollment experiences and found a ''downturn and occasional stagnation'' in the already underwhelming guidance offerings found during online enrollment. They reported a decline in enrollment instructions, answers to frequently asked questions and relevant support for various enrollment tasks. Calling the lack of guidance ''unfortunate,'' the firm noted the already low prevalence of readily available contact methods presented to enrollees.

401(k) Specialist | 1/19/22


Standard Asset Allocation Models Are Wrong: Dalbar

Financial advisors who allocate client assets based on clients' cash needs for two to three years in the future are making a mistake, according to Dalbar, a financial services research firm.

In a new report, Dalbar founder and president Louis Harvey writes that asset allocations for clients should be based on their cash needs for five years because since 1940 five years was the longest period for the S&P composite index to recover its losses from any downturn.

''This is very seldom done,'' Harvey told ThinkAdvisor, adding that advisors who just focus on asset allocation and don't create financial plans often don't consider clients' cash needs at all.

ThinkAdvisor | 1/11/22


Study Finds Do-It-Yourselfers Lack Key Retirement Info

Investors who don't know how much they have saved for retirement are less likely to arrive in those proverbial golden years with optimal financial results. But some two and half times more do-it-yourself investors than investors who hire advisors find themselves in that unenviable position, a new study on retirement readiness from Dalbar found.

In fact, some 17.9% of investors who decided to go it alone are in the dark about how much they've accumulated for retirement. In contrast, 7.4% of investors who work with an advisor did not know what their retirement balance is, according to the study, ''Got a Plan: A Study on Advisor Value from the Lens of Retirement.''

Financial Advisor Magazine | 10/1/21


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