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    DALBAR, Inc. is the financial community’s leading independent expert for evaluating, auditing
    and rating business practices, customer performance, product quality and service.
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    QAIB 2019 Available for Pre-order
    Pre-order the 25th annual Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior for the period ending
    12/31/2018 and receive a free Summary of Returns report.
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    Check with DALBAR about MEPs
    Get information on Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs)
    including the DOL’s proposed changes and DALBAR’s take on open MEPs
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    Customer Experience Audit
    Deliver a Superior Standard of Care in the “Age of the Customer” through DALBAR’s CXA program.
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    Discover expert research bringing you insight into the world of financial services for
    web, mobile, e-delivery, statements, security, investor behavior and more.

DALBAR at a Glance

DALBAR, Inc. is the financial community’s leading independent expert for evaluating, auditing and rating business practices, customer performance, product quality and service. Launched in 1976, DALBAR has earned the recognition for consistent and unbiased evaluations of Investment companies, registered investment advisers, insurance companies, broker/dealers, retirement plan providers and financial professionals.

DALBAR awards are recognized as marks of a superior standard of care in the financial community.

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2/14 DALBAR is honored to be recognized for our awards by customer communications manager OpenText Exstream, calling them "the 'Oscars' of the Financial Services industry. - by Jamie Josephs

2/8 New Blog Post! Eligible for a DALBAR Award? 8 Ways Firms are Sharing the News - by Jamie Josephs

2/4 Kudos Transamerica!  Your mutual fund statement continues to qualify for DALBAR’s Communications Seal year after year! - by Brooke Halloran

2/4 Lincoln Financial Group recently updated their site with a post-login dashboard that uses an eye-catching design that does a great job of utilizing color and makes it easy to find critical information.  A few of the data elements that the new site offers include Retirement Readiness, Participation Rate,Outstanding Loans, Average Account Balance and more. - by Brooke Halloran

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Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior ("QAIB")

More Content, More Value, Giving Clients Greater Perspective

QAIB has been measuring the shortfall of the average investor for 25 years. Learn More

Registered Fiduciary (RFTM)

Profit from a Superior Standard of Care

Learn more about how to become a Registered Fiduciary (RFTM)
Learn More

News & Stories

Open MEPs could affect millions of retirement plan participants overnight

DALBAR’s Harvey: TPAs would benefit the most from Open MEPS among service providers.

The prospect of removing existing barriers to employer participation in Open Multiple Employer Plans could quickly impact millions of existing participants in small and midsized 401(k) plans.

Benefits Pro | 9/5/2018


To the Fiduciaries Go the Spoils

The word fiduciary has caused heartburn for most advisors. It is not the promise to act in clients’ best interest that scares most advisors; it is the task of proving that this was actually done that causes the pain. How is it possible to show that the motivation behind a recommendation is the client’s interest and not the compensation the advisor earns?

ThinkAdvisor | 7/13/2018


Complacency Is Weakest Cybersecurity Link: Dalbar/ThinkAdvisor Study

Despite the increasing fear Americans have of personal and financial information being stolen, most financial-services firms have been complacent on updating or implementing state of the art — or even basic — cybersecurity technology, according to a recent study by Dalbar/ThinkAdvisor entitled “The State of Authentication in Financial Services.”

ThinkAdvisor | 4/4/2018


How Scottrade Could Have Avoided DOL Rule Charges

Scottrade made a bet that the Labor Department's fiduciary rule wouldn't be enforced. It lost. But, for now, there's another way firms can keep their sales incentives.

ThinkAdvisor | 2/23/2018


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