Working Diligently is a requirement to comply with the fiduciary rule until enforcement begins on January 1st, 2018.

This video shows the most critical actions required to show that you are working diligently.

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Fiduciary Rule Training is a MUST while you wait for the final resolution. Find out why in this article Fiduciary Rule Enforcement by No Enforcement.

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Sample templates are the simple way to formalize the key requirements of the DoL Fiduciary Rule by making changes to the standard forms and adding necessary disclosures. The Sample Template 4 Pack includes Investment Discovery and Recommendations and Rollover Discovery and Recommendations.

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Review of Written Procedures

The written procedures required to satisfy the Best Interest Contract Exemption ("BICE") must also be effective when implemented. In addition to BICE requirements, these procedures must meet the financial institution and advisor's business goals...

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Review of Practices

Current practices for advisors and for compliance must be revised and written procedures prepared to satisfy the Best Interest Contract Exemption ("BICE"). Existing practices must be examined to determine which must be changed, eliminated and new practices adopted. In addition to BICE requirements, revised practices must meet the financial institution and advisor's business goals...

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The Compensation Compliance Test ("CCT") is an online line tool that leads to the minimum revenue loss while fully complying with the letter and the spirit of the fiduciary rule. CCT reflects the full range of services clients receive, what these services cost and a reasonable profit margin. Unprofitable clients and those who may be overpaying for the services they receive are identified for corrective action.

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Learn how the fee leveling and computer models of a 408(g) exemption can:

  • Protect current compensation from all sources
  • Ease compliance burdens and lower costs
  • Avoid the uncertainties of the fiduciary rule
  • Enable superior service

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