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Be the first to purchase the 2023 Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior Study and download the Summary of Returns today! The Report will be downloadable on the day of publication, Friday, March 31, 2023.

Benefits of Pre-ordering:

  • Summary of Returns delivered upon purchase
  • Report delivery on day of publication

What's in the report:

  • 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 30-year annualized Average Investor returns
  • Categories of Average Investors:
    • Equity Fund Investors
    • Fixed Income Investors
    • Asset Allocation Investors
    • Average Investor based on size/style
    • Average Investor based on sector
  • Retention rates
  • Sellers vs. Holders
  • Real-world hypothetical examples

Copyright Agreement
This Report is the property of DALBAR, Inc. and contains proprietary, copyrighted material. Purchase of this report is for internal use only and may not be distributed, reproduced, publicly displayed, or digitally transmitted without the express, written consent of DALBAR, Inc.

For firms requiring a higher level of distribution or additional licensing, please contact: cclark@dalbar.com.


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