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Using proprietary criteria based on years of industry research, DALBAR supports firms in their pursuit of a superior standard of care in their digital customer experience. Through the identification of trends and best practices and consistent monitoring, firms are able to exceed industry standards, correct weak points, reduce costs, achieve consistency and reach business goals.


The WebMonitor Program monitors and tracks financial services websites in the Life Insurance & Annuity and Defined Contribution industries that capitalize on the potential of technology while at the same time respecting the behavior and preferences of users.


The Mobile InSIGHT program looks at financial services biggest players in both mobile websites and mobile software applications. Learn which firms are setting the pace and which sites and apps are utilizing the most innovative solutions to keep themselves in the customer's view.

Ranked against the best...

DALBAR's Webmonitor and Mobile InSIGHT programs don't just let you know how you are doing, we also let you know exactly how you stack up against some of the biggest and best players in the industry. Our benchmarks are broken out by audience, providing you with an apples-to- apples comparison to your competition.

See where you rank...

The DALBAR Communications Seal recognizes best-in-class providers.

Seal Award

Custom Solutions

Firms with unique goals might need a solution specifically tailored to their needs.

  • Customized Web and Mobile Evaluations provide an independent external measurement of your website or app's design and content
  • A Communications Seal Evaluation allows firms to earn a recognition of excellence by a third-party evaluator through a comprehensive analysis and review

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Get the latest research

Digital research is available in our online store including: State of the Industry, Best-in- Class, Trends and Best Practices and Innovations in the World of Mobile. We consistently add new and interesting reports, choosing topics based on years of industry knowledge and constant monitoring of the financial services digital landscape.

Make a Research Request

DALBAR understands that firms have unique needs based on many factors. From a simple consult to a large scale research report, we work with you to deliver data and insights that will help you make effective decisions to help reach your goals.

WebMonitor Program

The WebMonitor program tracks and recognizes financial services websites that capitalize on the potential of technology while at the same time respecting the behavioral imperatives and preferences of users.

Competitive intelligence at your fingertips

  • Ongoing updates/notifications on industry trends, innovations and best practices
  • Access to data that tracks features and innovations on competitors' websites
  • A clear understanding of your firm's standing within the competitive landscape
  • Increased value offerings based on the competitive advantage
  • Meaningful data to substantiate Web-based expenditures

Evaluations are performed for:

  •   Life insurance and annuity consumer 
  •   Life insurance and annuity financial professional
  •   Defined contribution plan participant
  •   Defined contribution plan sponsor

WebMonitor Flex Program

WebMonitor Flex is an a la carte program that enables firms to optimize their subscription to best meet their firm’s specific needs.

A Flex Approach Offers:

  • A broader scope of industry intelligence
  • Ultimate flexibility – Subscribers receive findings on the digital experiences of most value to them
  • Recognition for multiple achievements (if earned)
  • Finely focused reporting to aid in identification and correction of weak points

WebMonitor vs WebMonitor Flex:

  • WebMonitor tracks digital experiences that change frequently and provides quarterly reporting based on one overall business offering (i.e. retirement plan websites, life insurance & annuity websites).
  • WebMonitor Flex focuses on digital experiences that change less frequently allowing for annual monitoring and more varied findings within one subscription.
  • Both programs offer ranking reports, content analysis, competitor matrices, individual scoring reports, a periodic newsletter and industry recognition when applicable.

Mobile InSIGHT Program

The Mobile InSIGHT program highlights trailblazers whose excursion into the mobile expanse has successfully led them to a higher, more continuous level of visibility. The program identifies the latest trends and most innovative practices in the mobile landscape.

Make improvements based on the user’s point of view

Get a complete look at the mobile environment from the user’s point of view in ease, efficiency, functionality and relevance of both mobile software applications and mobile optimized websites. Prioritize enhancements based on actionable insights that bring your customers’ experiences to the next level.

Get the competitive advantage

Find out who’s who in the world of mobile and keep updated on new and improved features as well as trends and best practices in the industry. Utilize data and insights to create a plan that will help you remain in the customer’s view.

Custom Solutions

Our custom solutions allow us to serve each customer's unique needs. Using a superior standard of care we provide the data that will mean the most to help achieve your goals.

Customized Web and Mobile Evaluations

DALBAR’s digital expertise is not limited to our off-the-shelf products. Through a close consultation with our web and mobile experts, we can structure an engagement that will meet your firm’s specific needs while still leveraging DALBAR’s years of digital tracking and monitoring experience. Engagement options include:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Primary site evaluation identifying errors and issues that negatively impact user's experience with observations and recommendations for improvement.
  • Gap Analysis: Provides a detailed assessment of your web/mobile site or mobile software application, pinpointing and prioritizing areas with the greatest opportunity for improvement.
  • Competitive Analysis: Presents benchmarking data that quantitatively measures the site's position relative to the industry at large.as well as best-inclass examples of competitor's site features and functionality.

Communications Seal Evaluation

Firms that want to differentiate themselves from competitors can earn a third party endorsement of their digital experience. The Communication Seal is the DALBAR award and sign of distinction earned by digital communications that achieve excellence in content, design and usability. It may be used/displayed in marketing, promotional materials, on the company web/mobile site, or used independently to promote the firm's achievement.

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