Available Now: 2024 QAIB Full Study

With the Secure Act in effect, the use of annuities in defined contribution ("DC") plans will open up new opportunities for the insurance industry. However, success in attaining new business will require changes in products, practices and investment in time, effort and capital in order to counteract the current negative attitude towards the misunderstood annuity products.

  • The Guide: The goal of this guide is to highlight misconceptions, strengths and weaknesses and to assist advisors to correct these misconceptions, take advantage of the strengths and avoid the pitfalls. The guide therefore provides a framework for advisors’ recommendations to meet client needs at a fiduciary standard of care. The Advisor Guide is downloadable immediately after purchase.
  • Product Selection Spreadsheet: It is important for an advisor to document the basis for selecting the solution that is recommended to a client. For this reason, a spreadsheet has been developed that rates various products based on client priorities. Using the Product Selection spreadsheet, the advisor can find the best match and document the findings. Products supported include investments, deposits and insurance. The Product Selection Spreadsheet will be delivered to you by the email provided within 1 business day.

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