Available Now: 2024 QAIB Full Study

This package includes two Investor Insights reports that capture investors' thoughts and experiences related to financial advice and automated advice during the COVID-19 market crisis and the months that followed.

COVID-19 and Financial Advice Report
Our world has changed rapidly over the past eight months, which has included an unprecedented market collapse and recovery. Financial professionals have had a critical role in helping Americans maintain their nest eggs throughout the crisis, but how have they done? This report examines how COVID has impacted investors and their relationship with their advisor. Through a survey of nearly 1,000 advisor-directed investors, DALBAR finds the answers.

COVID-19 and Robo Advice Report
Can automated advice adequately service investors during times of crisis? The COVID market crisis and subsequent recovery in 2020 presented robo-advisers with arguably their first critical test and DALBAR's Investor Insights: COVID-19 and Robo Advice report is the robo-advisor industry's first report card. 500 robo-advisor clients ("robo-investors") were surveyed throughout North America.


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