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DALBAR Presents:


QAIB reports that investors are losing money but how can it be avoided? DALBAR presents the answer to this & more…


Innovations in the World of Apps 

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Fiduciary Standards

Registered Fiduciary™ Certification

RF™ certification prepares candidates to comply with the regulatory requirements of acting as a fiduciary. Learn more

The Fiduciary’s Existential Role

For a fiduciary to be of value to the society, community, industry and beneficiaries of fiduciary responsibility, the fiduciary must exist.
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ERISA Fee Disclosure

Fee Disclosure Resources

A wealth of information & services pertaining to Fee Disclosure requirements can be found at Dalbar's www.erisafeedisclosure.com

Burdens of Knowledge

An in-depth look at Plan Sponsor duties & responsibilities stemming from new fee disclosure regulations. Learn more

CSP Determinator

A service to assist plan sponsors & service providers determine if arrangements are covered under the 408(b)(2) fee disclosure regulation & subject to its requirements. Learn more

TDF Prospecting

The TDFP system has the dual purpose of: building an advisor's 401(k) business and correcting a common error that thousands of plans sponsors have made. Learn more



Sep15 9/15/2014 - 9/17/2014
2014 SQM Summit



Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior
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2014 Investor Statement Preferences
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