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Our world has changed rapidly over the past eight months, which has included an unprecedented market collapse and recovery. Financial professionals have had a critical role in helping Americans maintain their nest eggs throughout the crisis, but how have they done?

DALBAR's latest Investor Insights report examines how COVID has impacted investors and their relationship with their advisor. Through a survey of nearly 1,000 advisor-directed investors, DALBAR finds answers to the following questions:

  • What did investors do during the crisis? What advice did they receive?
  • What advice were investors most/least likely to follow?
  • What factors build/reinforce trust generally and during the crisis?
  • What level of satisfaction do investors have in their advisor's response to crisis?
  • What communication practices did advisors employ, which were most effective?
  • How do investors currently feel about their investment strategy/risk tolerance/investing in general?
  • How will results of the election change their feelings on investing?
  • How would investors like to see the crisis handled differently?

The second installment of the Investor Insights series is Investor Insights: COVID-19 and Robo Advice which looks specifically at the differences between robo-advisors and human advice during the COVID market crisis. For both reports choose Investor Insights: Financial Advice Package and save $1,500.


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