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Can automated advice adequately service investors during times of crisis? The COVID market crisis and subsequent recovery in 2020 presented robo-advisers with arguably their first critical test and DALBAR’s Investor Insights: COVID-19 and Robo Advice report is the robo-advisor industry's first report card.

By surveying 500 robo-advisor clients ("robo-investors") throughout North America, DALBAR found answers to the following questions:

  • Did robo-advisors effectively service investors during the crisis?
  • How did the recommendations from robo-advisors differ from traditional advisors
  • How did the actions of robo-investors differ from traditional investors
  • What factors build investors’ trust in robo-advisors?
  • What were investors’ level of satisfaction in robo-advisors during the crisis. How does that compare to traditional investors?
  • How did communication practices differ and what were the results?
  • How would investors like to see robo-advisors handle the crisis differently?
  • How does robo-investor sentiment differ from traditional investor sentiment in the wake of the market crisis?

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